SYO4400: Health, Illness and Society

A University of North Florida Course

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Lecture 12 and Exam Review are Posted…

Dear class:

We will complete the rest of our in class presentations tonight and review for the final exam.

Here are the materials for this upcoming Wed night.



See you in class.

Mike Manocchia, PhD

UNF and Cigna Health Care


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Lecture 11 posted…Presentations due this week also…

Dear class:

  1. Here is the lecture for this week


2. Remember, if you miss class this week, I have to deduct from from your presentation grade, a half a letter grade. It is only fair to the students who completed their work on time. I have given plenty of opportunities to discuss your projects with me, in and out of class. Thus, please be prepared and ready to go. You may not present this week, if your name is not picked, but still be ready to go.

Thank you,

Mike Manocchia, PhD

UNF and Cigna Healthcare


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Lecture 7 is posted…

Dear class:

This week, we will review your exam and cover the following material.


Remember to hand in your research paper outline this week.

It should look like this.

1.Research Question

a.How does this tie back to sociology?

b.Literature you are going to cite: Show a few cites

2.Research Method

a.Describe how you will gather your data

b.Describe how you will analyze your data


a.Describe how you will present your data

b.Show blank tables or graphs


a.What do you hope to find?

b.How will this add to the field of medical sociology?

c. Limitations of your research

Thank you.

Mike Manocchia, PhD

UNF and Cigna Healthcare